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Paragliding charter

Welcome on paragliding sites in Coeur de Savoie.

Monlambert/ Montendry/ Chamoux sur Gelon/ Val Pelouse

Hello everyone,

You who are arriving here, admire in flight or on the ground, mountains that surround you : The Parcs Naurels Régional des Bauges and The Parc Naturel Régional du Massif de la Chartreuse, the chains of Lauzière & Belledonne. On the northside, the mountain of Arclusaz will be your reference. You can enjoy meadows and vineyards, as well as the south face of the Mont Blanc.

Coeur de Savoie is attached to its rurality. We want to keep, emphasize, even strengthen the harmony betwen this region, and our paragliding practice. The pilots (Paragliding, hang-gliding…) will welcomed by inhabitants if this harmony is respected.

On takeoff, prepare yourself and put your wing in ball, waiting your turn. Do not block the site and help those around you; the mutual assistance on takeoff is essential to conviviality. Be humble, the most beautiful flight, could be the one that you will do tomorrow. Conditions can be good for pilots who precede or follow you, are they really for you ? Ask yourself about your level and your physical condition and psychological. The aerology may surprise on steep slopes and massive cliffs.


Please check with site managers. Coeur de Savoie is managed by three clubs:

- The “Indiens” of Montlamb’air (Montlambert)

- The “Pieds Tendres” of Chamoux sur Gelon.Montendry

- The “Tetras du Vol Gelon” of Val Pelouse/Arvillard

Think about organize shuttles. Please observe speed limits and parking regulations. Drive slowly in reception areas. On mountain road, priority is always to the car that goes up. Be courteous and don’t forget that you, pilots, leave behind you.

For professionals: the school “Pégase Particule” Phone : 00 33 (0) 4 76 45 07 79 based in Allevard, manages a timetable of paragliding sites in Coeur de Savoie. Call them to check the availability of these sites.

Visitors, vacationers, you’re welcome. Many activities off paragliding are possible in our area : walking or by bike, trail discovery, cellar visits, the castle of Miolans, towers Montmayeur… (Tourist Office: 04 79 25 53 12/ tourisme@valgelon.com).

In areas of takeoff or landing, insure your own safety and that of your children. If you have a pet, keep it on a leash please.

Respect wildlife and flora, close fences and barriers behind you. Check information panels and websites, especially during the period of nesting raptors protected (February... June).

Think about bringing your waste, and if you are forced to “isolate yourself”, bury your pass under a stone. You’re not the only to “practice” this place… Remember finally, that the residents face every day at a large number of visitors.

Your actions, your behaviour, will help us to perpetuate the charm of Coeur de Savoie: his tranquillity, the beauty of its sites.
Enjoy your flight !

Charter drafted by “Les Indiens” of Montlamb’air, “Les Pieds Tendres”, “Les Tétras du Vol Gelon”, and local communities : Mayors of Arvillard, Chamoux sur Gelon, Montendry, La Rochette, Saint Jean de la Porte and Saint Pierre d’Albigny.


For more information on the practice of free flight:

- Les Pieds Tendres, Chamoux sur Gelon (www.les-pieds-tendres.com)

- Les Indiens, Monlambert (www.montlambair.org)

- Les Tétras du Vol Gelon (http://lestetrasduvolgelon.free.fr)