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Montlambert/ Montendry/ Chamoux-sur-Gelon/ Val Pelouse


While flying, you will be able to admire the mountains that surround you : the Bauges and Massif de la Chartreuse Natural Parcs, as well as the mountain ranges of Lauzière & Belledonne. On the north side, the Arclusaz mountain will be your reference. You will see meadows and vineyards, as well as the south face of the Mont Blanc ! 
Coeur de Savoie is managed by three clubs: - The “Indiens” of Montlamb’air (Montlambert) - The “Pieds Tendres” of Chamoux sur Gelon.Montendry - The “Tetras du Vol Gelon” of Val Pelouse/Arvillard.

Coeur de Savoie is attached to its rurality. We want to keep and strengthen the harmony betwen the region, and our paragliding practice.
At take-off, prepare yourself and put your wing in a ball, waiting for your turn. Do not block the site and help those around you; the mutual assistance on take-off is essential to conviviality.
Be humble. Your best flight could be the one that you will do tomorrow. Conditions can be good for other pilots, but are they good for you ? Take into account your level and your physical and psychological conditions. The aerology may surprise you with steep slopes and massive cliffs. Please check with the site managers if in doubt.
At take-off and landing, insure your own safety and that of others. Respect wildlife and flora, close fences and barriers behind you. Don't leave any waste behind you, and if you are forced to “isolate yourself”, bury your pass under a stone. You’re not the only to “practice” this place…

Please pay attention to speed limits and parking regulations. Drive slowly in reception areas. On mountain roads, the priority is always to the car that goes up. 

After your paragliding session, many other activities are possible in our area : walks, biking, trail discovery, cellar visits, the castle of Miolans, towers Montmayeur… (Tourist Office: 04 79 25 53 12/ tourisme@valgelon.com). 

Finally, keep in mind that the residents welcome every day a large number of visitors. Your actions and your behaviour, will help us to perpetuate the charm of Coeur de Savoie: its tranquillity, the beauty of its sites... Enjoy your flight ! 


Logo Parc couleurGeographic System Information ( GIS )

The Regional Natural Park of Bauges has established an GISin order to best protect the most sensitive areas. You can access at this GIS at the following adress :  https://www.info-parcs.com/bauges/sportsnature/    





ffl flying sites


Attéro Chamoux sur Gelon

Landing site of Chamoux-sur-Gelon : Headquarters

Site ffvl n°: 73A027A, GPS : 45°32’26’’N - 06°12’53’’E, altitude : 300 m

Landing in the wind of the site is essential or you will have to land off the landing site. Poplars when you approach the site. Access : Along the D25 to the west of Chamoux.



Landing site of Le Molliet - Arvillard

Site ffvl n°: 73A008A, Orientation : NE,SW, GPS : 45°26’22’’N - 06°08’23’’E, altitude : 713 m

Landing is not visible from Val Pelouse take-off. Wind isn't always very steady. Access : At Arvillard, take the D208 which serves the landing.



Take-off site of Montlambert - Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte

Site ffvl n°: 73D015A.

Pay attention to the left side of the take-off, slightly flat. From 11.00 am, thermal activity and valley breeze can be strong. Keep upwind of the hill between take-off and landing. Beware of south-westerly to moderate westerly winds, take-off downwind. In a north wind, remain vigilant. Access : From Montmélian, take the D201 towards Saint-Pierre d'Albigny. Before Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte, take the road on the left which goes up to Montlambert, drive to the right. Car park and 5mn on foot. Limited speed on the access road to 40, or even 30 km/h maximum, both uphill and downhill. No stops allowed on the Montlambert U-turn, even for unloading equipment or the descent of trainees. Parking on the downstream side of the road, about ten spaces are available. No parking in the paths. Beware, the road is extremely narrow.

Décollage parapente MontendryTake-off site of Montendry

Site ffvl n°: 73D027A, Orientation : S, GPS : 45°31’46’’N - 06°15’10’’E, altitude : 1300 m

Favourable flying conditions in breezy conditions - When exiting the combe de Montendry, beware of the strong North wind and moderate South wind.
Beautiful afternoon and evening flights, sustained valley breeze - Make good progress on the last ridge towards Chamoux.
Access : From Chamoux, take the direction of Montendry, then follow the D26 to the summit. Landing: Chamoux-sur-Gelon (deniv. 1000m).

Attéro La RochetteLanding site of La Rochette

Site ffvl n°: 73A008B, GPS : 45°27’02’’N - 06°06’20’’E, altitude : 300 m

Landing site is not visible from take-off, landing close to the intersection of two small valleys.
Access: 3433 OT - TOP 25 Allevard. Chemin de la Plaine towards the campsite (near a small lake).



Attéro Saint Jean de la Porte - les îlesLanding site of Saint Jean de la Porte - Les Îles

Site ffvl n°: 73A015A, Orientation : SW, GPS : 45°32’29’’N - 06°07’04’’E, altitude : 270 m.

Avoid flying over the railway line, the power line and the quince orchards at medium altitude. The valley breeze can be strong in the afternoon. Do not park on the orchard side, drive slowly!
Access : by the D201 between the N6 and Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte along the irrigation canal towards the South for 1 km. The fallow land immediately north of the landing site (direction Saint-Pierre d'Albigny) is not authorized because it does not belong to us and that the folding zone is along the path parallel to the stream.

Décollage de parapente Val PelouseTake-off site of Val Pelouse

Site ffvl n°: 73D008A, Orientation : N, W, WNW, NW, GPS : 45°25’13’’N - 06°10’08’’E, altitude : 1750 m

Favourable conditions by breeze. Do not fly in moderate to strong southerly winds. Few emergency landings if countered by strong west or north winds. Do not land outside of the landing site - respect the tranquillity of the local residents. Access : Map TOP 25 : N°3433