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MAY 22 - JUNE 5, 2021
Join us from May 22nd to June 5th, 2021 for the Paragliding World Championship. The championship will take place during 2 weeks in 2021 and it is the most important competition for the 40 nations that will take part. The world’s nations will be represented by teams of 4 men and 1 woman, for a total of 150 pilots.
The organization is supervised by Air Evènement and the FFVL: Every day, depending on the weather conditions, a task will be set by the meet director and its team at about 9am. Tasks will be flown mainly from the site of Montlambert above Saint-Jean-de-la -Porte, but they may also depart from various sites in Savoie Mont-Blanc.
The headquarters and the landing area will be at the same location : the paragliding landing site of Chamoux-sur-Gelon, in Savoie (73390). The pilots will be taken to take-off with shuttles. Once on take-off, the pilots and the task committee will discuss the task and the turnpoints of the day (already in the pilots’ GPS) before flying back to the landing field as fast as possible.
Then, the pilots will launch, form the well-known «gaggle» and then will wait for the «Start» (race start time) and head towards the first turnpoint. The first pilot who takes all turnpoints and lands at headquarters will win the task. Each task generates a daily ranking as well as an overall ranking. A prize-giving ceremony will take place at the end of the competition.
The headquarters will be a place swarming with life! This year, for reasons linked to Covid, the headquarters will be set up on the paragliding landing site of Chamoux-sur-Gelon! Air Événement has the ambition to introduce the world of free flying to as many people as possible. This competition is an opportunity for the competitors’ families, local inhabitants, and tourists to enjoy the various activities.
10 take-off areas
1 landing area
Flights over 3 departments
150 cross-country pilots, 15 of which will be women
50 nationalities
20 free activities
40-150 km flown per day
40,000 visitors per week