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Base camp / Acces

The base Camp, Ferme des Gabelins

The camp base, of the PWC 2021 and Pre-World 2020, will be held in the municipality of Chamousset, geocentre of  the Savoy. This site is actually a farm, who already received the PWC 2014, 2017 and 2019.


Ferme des Gabelins, municipality of Chamousset 



The base camp is at the Farm Gabelins, 73390 Chamousset.

Coordinated GPS: 45 ° 33'41 .55 "N, 6 ° 13'32 .71" E

Arrival in the area of the base of life, a color signs will tell you the exact location. Please note that the access road will be one way because of the narrowness of the road. To locate the base camp with google map. Click here.

By E70/A43 motorway Exit 24 follow signs after PWCA - World Cup Free Flight.






Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport

Genéve Cointrin Airport


Geneva airport is located on the
Swiss territory ( It's not a european Country )- You must have visas
necessary to move freely in this country.



http://www.voyages-crolard.com/, Lyon Chambéry. http://www.bus-et-clic.com/aerocar, Généve - Chambéry



Lyon Aéroport Saint-Exupéry /(Chambéry, Montmélian, Saint-Pierred’Albigny, Chamousset)


Genève Aéroport – ( Chambéry,
Montmélian, Saint-Pierre d’Albigny, Chamousset)



Sign shuttle organization -  Comming soon.