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COVID 19 – Last Information



World PG XC Update - 13/03/2021





The 17th FAI World Paragliding Championships were to take place in Chamoux-sur-Gelon, France, from May 23 to June 5, 2021. It was to bring together some 250 people from some 50 nations over a period of 3 weeks.
The organisers and many volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that this closed-door event would take place despite the difficult health context. In the end, the evolution of the Covid-19 global pandemic remains too problematic. Air Evénement, the FFVL and the CIVL were hoping for a “safe, fair and satisfying”, event, as required by the FAI rules (Sporting Code – Section 7 Common - 2.1). Today, too many uncertainties remain. Therefore, the decision has been taken to cancel the championship.
The organisers thank the many people who worked on this project and the teams who shared their worries and their support They leave 2021 behind with regret but, they believe, with wisdom.
They are ready to run the next World Championship in 2023, as agreed with the CIVL. They will welcome you in an event that will reflect better all the things our sport is about.
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World PG XC Update - 10/02/2021




Air Evènement and the French Federation (FFVL), organisers of the coming World Paragliding XC Championships, are doing their upmost so the event takes place at the expected date in the best conditions possible. All lights are ‘green’, except the most important one, the pandemic, stuck on ‘orange’.


- Green… The website is operational. The local regulations have been published. Pre-registration is open: 200 pilots from 47 nations are already listed. The administrations have renewed their support. Planning is on time in every regard.

- Orange… The championship will take place in a secure environment with respect to COVID risk. To date, no quarantine is imposed but a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours is required. On site, a PCR test laboratory will be available so everyone can prepare their return home.

Nevertheless, some restrictions must be taken in consideration: travel constraints (some nations know that the probability of sending pilots is very low); curfew; restaurants closed (with no way to offer food and drinks at HQ).

- Go/No-go… It is impossible to anticipate what the situation will be in mid-May. Everyone needs to know soon enough what will happen: pilots and accompanying persons to make time-off and travel arrangements; organisers to set in place what is needed.

March 15 has been set and is confirmed as the deadline to go ahead or to postpone the championship to 2023. The CIVL will be involved in the decision process; delegates and team leaders will be contacted beforehand.


COVID 19 - Last Information - 08/02/2021

The organisers of the championship are doing everything they can so the event will be safe, fair and satisfying. Still, the unpredictable reality of the pandemic must be taken into consideration.

The organisers, in liaison with the CIVL Bureau, will monitor the pandemic situation and will decide to hold the event or postpone it to 2023 no later than March 15.
Pre-registration is now open.

Pilots will have the possibility to train and fly in a secured environment just before the championship on May 19 to 21. The practice days program and conditions are described in the local regulations.