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Pilot pre-registration


The pre-registrations are officially closes since the 20th February 2021.


The maximum number of pilots in the championship is 150.

The maximum number of pilots that may be entered by a NAC is 8 including 6 of the same gender.

The maximum number of pilots constituting a national team is 4 including 3 of the same gender.

Will be selected only pilots who :

  • Have been in the top 500 of the WPRS at least once since February 2018 or scored a minimum of 40 WPRS points in any single FAI sanctioned event.
  • Gained an exemption from the CIVL Exemption Committee
  • Are selected by their NAC
  • Have a valid FAI Sporting Licence

practice days :

The training days are open to all competing pilots.

A Pratice Fee of €75 will be paid cash in euros for the 3 days. The Pratice Fee includes transportation to take-off, live-trackers, assistance at take-off, retrieve, lunch packs, on site emergency rescue and first aid medical service.

If a practice day is cancelled, €25 will be reimbursed cash in euros.

Please, if something seems / is wrong with your pre-registration, you can send us an email : kirsteen.airevenement@gmail.com. 


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