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Décollage parapente Montendry

FFVL Site No.: 73D027A, Orientation: S GPS: 45 ° 31'46'' N - 06 ° 15'10'' E, altitude: 1300 m


Take off site for paragliding and hang-gliding in the commune of Montendry.
Comments / hazards: Conditions favorable for flight breeze - Attention out of the valley of Montendry random weather winds and strong north wind South moderate.
Fine flights afternoon and evening, valley breeze steady - Although progress on the last edge towards Chamoux.
Cards / access: TOP 25 3432 OT, De Chamoux Montendry take direction and follow the D26 to the top. Landing: Chamoux-sur-Gelon (déniv. 1000m)

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