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Décollage Vol rando - Côte 2000

73110 Arvillard

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Orientation : Sud-West North-West. GPS 45°24’48,7’’N - 6°11’13,6’’E, altitude : 2041 m


Flight conditions : Good conditions during slope breeze in afternoon.
Dangers & difficulties : Possibility of soaring. Attention about strong North Wind.
Access : From Valpelouse take-off, walk straight the take-off zone slope until a path on the right (chemin de crête). Then follow this path until the crest.
You have another way to walk around the slope by the left taking a path (old ski track) until crest, or by the right taking 3 twists upwards on an easy path. Take-off possibility along the slope. Difference in level to walk : 300m, 45mn approx.
1700m altitude flight if landing at La Rochette.


  • Autumn
  • Summer
  • Spring

Opening Period

Du 15/05 au 01/11 :en fonction des conditions d'enneigement.