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Take off - Saint Jean de La Porte Montlambert

73250 Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte

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Takeoff paragliding and hang gliding, located in the commune of Saint-Jean-de-la-Porte.


Site FFVL No. : 73D015A . Takeoff: attention to the left side of the take-off , light ledge . From 11:00 , the thermal activity and valley breeze can be steadied . Well forward in the wind of the hill which lies between takeoff and landing. Warning by wind West South West at moderate downwind takeoff . By weather north wind remain vigilant and avoid " out of the jar ." Cards / access : From Montmélian , take the D201 to Saint -Pierre d' Albigny . Just before Saint -Jean-de -la-Porte , take the road on the left that goes to Montlambert , roll to the right. Parking and 5 minutes walk. Speed ??limit on the access road to 40 or even 30 km / h maximum , the ascent and descent - No stopping allowed on the turn of Montlambert even for unloading materials or lowering trainees. Parking on the downstream side of the road , a dozen places is available - . No parking on the roads . Always be courteous to the neighbors you meet in the car, or meet the hamlet . Please note that the road is very narrow in places making crossings difficult or impossible


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